YOU time with ME


Due to the Corona Virus – I am going VIRTUAL! – and for a limited time donation-based!

I have been a hair & makeup artist for over 25 years. I primarily work with models, actors and some celebrities on photoshoots, so it will be a while before personal contact Jobs will be possible again. So I have decided to go virtual. I offer 1-2-1 lessons AND also groups of friends:

  • This is for women who DONˋT want to watch endless YOUTUBE tutorials
  • This is for women, like me, who are MORE MATURE and are coping with things that get thrown at us at middle age (menopause, sagging eyelids and skin texture)
  • This is for women who are stuck in a makeup routine for years
  • This is for women who never wanted to be made up at a makeup counter in a department store to then feeling pressured to buy their products
  • This is for women who want to learn step by step how to use the products they already have in their makeup bag
  • This is for women who want to get advice for best techniques and products without me being attached to any particular brand

I will guide you through a full face makeup application with your own products in your own home. This is for some YOU time with ME! All you need is a CLEAN FACE and your MAKEUP BAG, your BRUSHES and a standing MIRROR, GOOD LIGHT plus 45min time.

To find out more about these sessions please click here.

I love sharing my expertise with people and am a great believer that with a little knowledge and the right products and tools everyone has the potential to look and feel amazing.

My 1-2-1 sessions lasting 2 -3 hours are tailored to suit not just your skin type and age, but your lifestyle too. Together we will go through your make up bag and skincare regime to discover the products that are and are not working for you. With no brand attachment, I will make genuine recommendations of the products that are perfect for you.

I will take the fear factor out of trying new looks by sharing all you need to know from skin prep and brush selection to contouring and smoky eyes. With my tips and tricks and clear tutoring, you can learn how to perfect the looks, feel fully confident and of course look amazing!

A session includes:

  • Cosmetics advice
  • Skincare preparation
  • Daily regime plan
  • Makeup daytime
  • Makeup night-time


  • 1-2-1 lessons £180 per person for a 2 ½ hour session
  • Groups of 3 or more £150 per person
  • Corporate coaching for 10 or more apply within
  • Personal HAIR AND MAKEUP for parties, events, appearances from £200 plus travel

If you would like to have a lesson with a friend or a group of friends please get in touch. Sessions are held either in my apartment in Zone 1, London or can be arranged at a location that suits you.

What to bring to your session?

Please bring your makeup bag with the products you usually use and also products you have but haven’t used yet or are a little afraid to use.

Can I take notes at the session?

You can take notes or record the whole class so you can refer back to it at any time.

Corporate group consultancy

I offer group consultancies for corporate companies. This can be catered for groups up to 15-20 people. I also do seminars for bigger groups.

This includes:

  • What hair styles and make up looks are appropriate to my work environment
  • How do I present myself in the best way possible
  • What do I wear to suit my shape and size the best
  • Practical lessons to apply make up and do my own hair

Please contact me for more details and prices to accommodate your staff needs and location, travel etc.